Monochrome Joins Lonsec to Address Crypto-Assets and Questions Facing Advisers


BRISBANE, February 10, 2022 – Craig Hobart, Head of Distribution at Monochrome joined Lukasz de Pourbaix, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Lonsec Investment Solutions to discuss crypto-assets and the questions financial advisers have regarding the asset class.

Covering topics including how to access crypto-assets, client portfolio applications and the advice and regulatory considerations surrounding client discussions relating to crypto-assets, the full presentation is available for viewing or listening with included timestamps below:

Monochrome-Lonsec Webinar Timestamps

  • Opening comments from Lukasz | 00:02
  • Craig on Monochrome’s investment philosophy | 01:15
  • Craig Hobart’s background | 04:32
  • Growth of crypto (inc. global asset market cap comparison) | 06:09
  • Crypto asset market overview | 09:29
  • Institutional approach & CBA leading Australian bank adoption | 10:37
  • Accessing & buying cryptocurrency | 12:49
  • Key access points & pathways; pros & cons (audience question) | 13:47
  • Managed investment schemes & ETFs (ASIC guidance) | 17:40
  • Decentralisation & trade-offs required for regulated investment | 20:27
  • Custody, wallets & ownership | 22:52
  • Advising on crypto | 25:22
  • Advice checklist post-ASIC REP 705 | 26:07
  • Thoughts on future regulatory development | 31:02
  • Nation-state approaches to crypto | 33:02
  • Developing investment research | 34:32
  • Portfolio Application | 35:02
  • Hypothetical Portfolio Allocation (historic) | 38:22
  • Webinar close | 39:52

Part 2: Q&A Session

Following on, Mr Hobart and Mr de Pourbaix opened a Q&A session, fielding additional questions from financial advisers. Timestamps relating to individual questions have been marked as below.

Q&A Timestamps

  • Bitcoin & ESG; what is actually occurring? | 00:02
  • How do you value crypto-assets? | 04:24
  • Where might Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) factor in? | 08:50
  • What are super funds doing in the crypto-asset space? | 10:38
  • What is the utility case for Bitcoin? | 12:54
  • In context of custodial crypto storage, what is ‘sharding’? | 15:30
  • What are your thoughts regarding Bitcoin market liquidity? | 17:23
  • Closing comments | 18:45

On the topic of the rapidly evolving crypto-asset landscape, Mr de Pourbaix said

“Crypto assets are increasingly becoming one of the most commonly raised topics we get from advisers. We understand that there is a great need for education around the asset class and how advisers can utilise them in their clients portfolios”.

Mr Hobart commented “By partnering with Lonsec, we were able to reach a wide audience of advisers and help them access information to enable them to better advise their clients on crypto assets”.

The content, presentations and discussion topics covered during this event are intended for licensed financial advisers and institutional clients only and are not intended for use by retail clients. No representation, warranty or undertaking is given or made in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information presented.

Except for any liability which cannot be excluded, Lonsec, its directors, officers, employees and agents disclaim all liability for any error or inaccuracy in, misstatement or omission from, these presentations or any loss or damage suffered by the attendee or any other person as a consequence of relying upon the information presented. Lonsec advises that all content presented at this event by any of our partner (not part of the Lonsec group of companies) is 3rd party content and forms representations and opinions of those 3rd parties alone. The contents of the presentations at this event are not in any way endorsed by Lonsec.

Jamie Grohman

Jamie Grohman

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