The Monochrome Bitcoin Trust (IBTC)

Open to retail investors

In an Australian first, IBTC is a way for retail investors to own bitcoin in a single regulated structure that gives them an absolute entitlement to their underlying bitcoin.


$4.2181 (AUD)

Monthly Return


Tracking Error



1.35% p.a.


Monthly Return

Tracking Error


As of 21st March 2023

Fund Overview

Fund Objective

The fund's objective is to provide investors with an investment return that tracks the price of bitcoin in Australian dollars (before fees and costs).

Investment Strategy

The Investment Manager will implement a strictly passive buy and hold investment strategy for bitcoin. The fund will not use derivatives, leverage, or short selling.

Absolute entitlement to your specifically allocated bitcoin.

Investors have legal rights to their specifically allocated bitcoin in the fund, with the ability to call for their bitcoin to be transferred to them at their request.

Licensed and insured crypto-custodian.

IBTC's crypto-custodian maintains an insurance policy and the fund is overseen by licensed entities aligned with ASIC’s RG133 custodian requirements.

Robust benchmarking, tracked in Australian dollars.

CF Benchmarks is the world's leading crypto index provider, regulated by the UK FCA. The CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) provides robust and transparent pricing mechanisms.

Access the Monochrome Bitcoin Trust (IBTC)

For more information about the Monochrome Bitcoin Trust, please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Reference Guide and Target Market Determination below.

Key Information

Investment Manager

Monochrome Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 647 701 246

Responsible Entity

Vasco Trustees Limited ACN 138 715 009

Bitcoin Interests

Investors in the fund hold Bitcoin Interests, conferring an absolute entitlement to their underlying bitcoin.

Management Fee

1.35% p.a.

Performance Fee

Not Applicable

Minimum Investment

$5,000 AUD

Minimum Amount for Further Subscriptions

$1,000 AUD




Daily. Redemptions in cash or in specie.

Unit Pricing


Benchmark Provider

CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate


Date Issued



Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Download PDF


Reference Guide (RG)

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Target Market Determination (TMD)

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How to access the Monochrome Bitcoin Trust (IBTC)

Invest directly in the Fund

To apply online, you will require:

• Identification documents (e.g.: drivers license or passport)

• Mobile number and email address

• Your Tax File Number (TFN)

• Complete the Tax self-certification within the application process

• Bank account details

Log into the online portal to:

• Check your balance(s), view transaction confirmations and periodic statements

• Update your personal details

• Additional applications or redemptions

• Provide your FATCA/CRS certification

Enquire about the Monochrome Bitcoin Trust (IBTC)