The Monochrome Bitcoin Fund (MBF)

Fund Summary

A wholesale fund for Institutional, Family Office, sophisticated Investors and SMSF's, the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund provides a familiar, regulated and secure product for investors that tracks the price of Bitcoin.





1.5% P.A.

Unit Price

1 month

3 months 3

6 months 4

Management Fee

As of October 2022

01  Fund Objective

Monochrome Bitcoin Fund (‘MBF’) is a capital growth fund that offers a regulated and familiar investment vehicle designed to track the price of bitcoin.


02  Fund Overview

The Monochrome Bitcoin Fund (“MBF”) is a capital growth fund for wholesale investors seeking a familiar investment vehicle that tracks the price of bitcoin.

MBF provides wholesale investors access to bitcoin exposure via a secure, regulated, and familiar investment vehicle; a unit trust.

03  Investment Strategy

The Fund will target a near 100% allocation to Bitcoin and securely store the asset with its custodian - US-chartered trust company, BitGo Trust. For risk management purposes MBF has adopted a strictly passive ‘buy and hold’ strategy and will not engage in derivatives, leverage, or short selling.

The units in MBF will appeal to investors within investor directed portfolio services (IDPS), managers of fund of fund mandates, and self-directed wholesale investors with self-managed super funds.

MBF as an investment solution, allows investors to enjoy Bitcoin ownership alongside traditional asset investments, without the need to engage with new technology and subsequent administrative burdens.

04  Volatility Chart

Volatility Chart

05  Correlation Chart

Correlation Chart

06  Traditional 60/40 Fund + BTC Allocation

Hypothetical Portfolio Chart

07  Price of Bitcoin ($AUD) v.s. MBF Units

MBF Unit Price Chart

08  Key Information Summary


To offer an investment vehicle that tracks the price of bitcoin.

Management Fee

1.5% per annum.

Performance Fee

Not applicable.

Min. Investment

$25,000 (AUD)

Additional Contributions

$5,000 (AUD) increments


Applications are to be received by the 25th of each month.


Redemptions received by the 25th of each month are payable by the 15th of the following month.



09  Service Providers

Investment Manager

Monochrome Asset Management


Non Correlated Capital


CF Benchmarks

Fund Accountant



A4 Funds


RSM Australia


Piper Alderman


Bitgo Trust

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