Monochrome Asset Management

Our Team

Introducing the team behind Monochrome Asset Management, with experience in traditional financial markets, funds management, and digital asset trading.

Monochrome Team

  • Jeff Yew

    Jeff Yew

    Chief Executive Officer & Director

  • Derek V. Henningsen

    Derek V. Henningsen

    General Counsel, Head of Legal & Compliance

  • Andre de Almeida

    Andre de Almeida

    Senior Legal Counsel & Compliance Manager

  • Mark Reid

    Mark Reid

    Distributions Manager

  • Grayson McLeod

    Grayson McLeod

    Fund Operations

  • Will Eason

    Will Eason

    Operations Analyst

  • Hannah Tan

    Hannah Tan

    Design & Communication

  • Riley Signor

    Riley Signor

    Software & Securities Engineer

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